viral video


In order to be eligible for funding a project must meet the following criteria:

Canadian Content (as defined by the CRTC):

At least 2 of the audio components:

  • "M" – Music is composed by a Canadian
  • "A" – Artist (principle performer) is a Canadian
  • "P" – Performance/production is in Canada
  • "L" – Lyrics are written by a Canadian

At least 1 of the production components:

  • Video director or production company is Canadian
  • Video production facilities are located in Canada

Canadian Ownership

The rights to both the master sound recording and the master viral video must be owned by a Canadian-controlled company or Canadian citizen (or landed immigrant).

Principle Performer

The principle performer featured in the viral video must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant.

New Production

Our objective is to stimulate the production of innovative Viral Videos, not to replace funds already allocated towards production. Completed projects will not be considered for financing.

Musical Genre

All genres of music are eligible, including instrumental compositions. However, French-language lyrics are not eligible.

Current Sound Recordings

We support proposals for Viral Videos intended to promote current, active or forthcoming sound recordings as opposed to catalogue titles.

Completion of Outstanding Grants

You must complete your outstanding project before you can apply again for the same program you received funding for. You may not apply for financing until the outstanding project has been completed and the grant paid out. However, you can still apply for a grant in one of our other programs.

What Kind of Projects Are Eligible

The Viral Video program funds digital music videos and other innovative digital music-related content intended for online distribution.

Award Amount

The Viral Video award covers up to 50% of the total production budget to a maximum of $3,500.00. Payment is made upon receipt of the completed video.

Submissions Per Round

Each round, artists/bands can apply for a maximum of 1 Video, and 1 Viral Video, Web or EPK grant (however, you cannot use the same song if you are applying for both Video and Viral Video). Video production companies and directors can apply for as many application as they would like (as long as they are for different artists/bands).