What's the maximum I can be awarded for each of the awards?

The Digital Tools award is eligible for $1.00-$5,000.00, the Online Music Video/Project award is eligible for $1.00-$10,000.00, the Music Video award is eligible for $10,000.00-$30,000.00, and the Content Package award is eligible for $30,000.00-$50,000.00.

How many applications do you receive each deadline?

On average, 350 applications for all 4 award programs (Music Video, Online Music Video/Project, Digital Tools & Content Package).

How long from the submission deadline does it take to get results? And how are applicants notified?

We announce the successful applicants for each round, approximately 4 weeks from the submission deadline. The results are posted on our website's News section. As well, successful applicants will be notified by email.

Is there a sales requirement to be eligible for funding?

There are no sales requirements for eligibility to any of our award programs.

What is the difference between the Music Video and the Online Music Video/Project award?

The Music Video award is for larger-budget music videos intended for televised broadcast, and requires a full marketing plan with the proposal. The Online Music Video/Project award is for smaller-budget projects intended for innovative online promotion (music videos, interactive videos, etc.) and requires a simpler marketing synopsis.

Who is eligible for the Digital Tools award?

Artists, record labels and management companies. While there are many types of music-related businesses, this program's eligibility is strictly limited to these 3 categories.

I have an existing website, can I apply to upgrade it with your Digital Tools award?

Yes, you can use the funding from our Digital Tools award to either create a new website or upgrade your current website.

Is instrumental music eligible for funding?


Is music with French-language lyrics eligible for funding?

No. Although previously eligible, our program guidelines have changed as funding for this material is now administered by the Harold Greenberg Fund.

How many applications can I submit per round?

Each round, artists/bands can apply for a maximum of 1 application. Video production companies and directors can apply for as many applications as they would like (as long as they are for different artists/bands).

Can I combine MuchFACT funding with funding received from other organizations?

Yes, however, you cannot combine MuchFACT funding with any BravoFACT grants. FACTOR has recently made changes to their policies, please contact them directly for any inquiries. As a general rule, you should contact any organizations you have received funding from regarding their policies on combining funds.

I'm a Canadian artist, but I am signed to an international record label that owns my master recordings. Am I eligible for funding?

Only songs owned by Canadians (or Canadian-owned companies) are eligible for MuchFACT funding.

What are your Canadian content requirements?

Canadian Content (as defined by the CRTC): At least two of the following audio components: 'M' Music composed by a Canadian, 'A' Artist or principle performer is a Canadian, 'P' Performance/production is in Canada and 'L' Lyrics are written by a Canadian). As well, at least one of the following production components: Video director is Canadian, production company is Canadian, and Video production facilities are located in Canada. Master ownership of the song you are applying for must be owned by a Canadian or Canadian-owned company. For website and other innovative digital projects, the developer/designer must be Canadian.

Your proposed project must also fit into the CRTC's definition of a music clip (Category 8). You can find more information about this description here: http://www.crtc.gc.ca/canrec/eng/tvcat.htm

Can I apply with a completed project?

You can begin work on a project before applying (shooting the project before-hand is fine), however it cannot be completed before our committee deliberates (which takes place approximately 4 weeks after the submission deadline).

Can I shoot my video outside of Canada?

Yes. As long as the Canadian content requirements are met for the project (in this case, you would need to use a Canadian director or Canadian production team).

Can I work with an international director?

Yes. As long as the Canadian content requirements are met for the project (in this case, you would need to use a Canadian production company or Canadian production facility).

Can I work with an international production crew?

Yes. As long as the Canadian content requirements are met for the project (in this case, you would need to use a Canadian director or Canadian production facility).

Can I submit an application with a non-Canadian cover song?

Yes, as long as the artist and production are Canadian.

Do I need a manager/agent/record label/distributor to apply for MuchFACT?

No. We accept applications from independent artists/bands and up-and-coming management companies and record labels.

Do I have a better chance of receiving an Online Music Video/Project grant than a full Music Video award if I have never applied before?

The Online Music Video/Project award is more geared towards up-and-coming artists, and because it has a smaller award amount we are able to award more applicants each round.

I have an outstanding project I was funded for, can I apply for another award in the meantime?

You must complete your outstanding project before you can apply again for the same program you received funding for. However, you can still apply for one of our other awards.

Can I add an updated MP3 or support attachments to my application after the submission deadline?

We are unable to add-to or edit applications once the submission deadline passes. This is why it is important to carefully review your application and ensure all necessary information and attachments are included before submitting.

Do you review director's reels?

No, we do not. However, you are welcome to include examples in your application (links to work online, etc.). Viewing these materials is at the committee's discretion.

How does MuchFACT decide who is awarded funding for Music Videos and Online Music Video/Projects?

The decision to fund a Music Video (or Online Music Video/Project) is based on the individual project. Specifically, the strength of the song and the treatment/concept (something creative, complimentary to the song, and financially achievable). The point of the program is to develop the artist's career and the committee looks for projects that are marketable. You need to pick a catchy single that really speaks to your audience.

How does MuchFACT decide who is awarded funding for Digital Tools?

This applications are selected based on the artist's previous achievements and current activity and are intended to continue their upward momentum. The committee looks for innovative treatments for artists who have already established themselves and created 'buzz' around their current activity (new recordings, tours, press and publicity, etc.).

What makes one application stronger than another?

With any financial proposal, being detail-oriented and professional is essential. The impact of the content is what drives our decision-making process.

Why was my application withdrawn?

Applications that do not include all mandatory information and attachments will be withdrawn from eligibility. It's important to remember withdrawn is different than declined. A withdrawn application can be re-submitted for a future deadline.

Do you provide feedback or critiques for unsuccessful applications?

No. Due to the amount of applications received each deadline, specific feedback is not offered.

Why did I not receive funding?

Our program is committee-based and decisions are made through voting. The committee members weigh the strength of the content for each application and make their decisions accordingly. It's also important to remember we fund projects for artists in varying genres of music, at every level of an artist's career on a national scale. Therefore, the program is extremely competitive.

Can I apply for a Music Video award with a song I was previously declined for? Can I apply with a remix?

No. For all of our programs you can only apply once with each song (remixes included).

Can I apply for a Digital Tools award with a song I was previously declined for?

Yes, the Digital Tools program differs from our Music Video and Online Music Video/Project program in this regard. Even if you are not awarded the Digital Tools award, you can re-apply using the same song.

If I was declined for a Music Video award, can I submit the same song for an Online Music Video/Project?

Yes, if a song is declined for the Music Video award, it is still eligible for the Online Music Video/Project award (and vice-versa).

Who owns the rights to the video?

This is determined by the copyright owner of the music and production team. MuchFACT and/or Much and M3 do not own the rights to the video, nor do we assign them.

Do I need insurance for my shoot?

Yes, proof of insurance is mandatory when submitting your completion report.

Because I'm funded by MuchFACT, will I get rotation on Much?

Much has their own programming committee for deciding which videos they will broadcast. As it is required that MuchFACT funded projects are submitted to Much, they will be considered with all other videos they receive and review.

Is MuchFACT the same as FACTOR? Is it the same as Much?

No. Even though we have a similar name to FACTOR, MuchFACT is not associated with FACTOR. We are a division of Bell Media, exclusively funded by Much and M3.

If I have any further questions about applying, how should I contact you?

You can reach our Program Coordinator, Rob Bakker via email:


Please let us know if there are any questions you feel we should add to this list. Thanks!