In order to be eligible for our funding, your project must meet the following criteria:

  1. Principle Performer

    Principle performer (s) /Artist (s) must be Canadian citizens (or landed immigrants).

  2. Canadian Ownership

    All applicants must be Canadian owned companies, citizens (or landed immigrants). The rights to both the master sound recording and the master video must be owned by a Canadian company or citizen (or landed immigrant).

  3. CRTC Requirements
    1. Projects must qualify under the CRTC’s definition of a music clip (Category 8):

      Category 8a) Music and dance

      Programs comprised primarily (i.e. more than 50%) of live or pre-recorded performances of music and/or dance, including opera, operetta, ballet, and musicals. The performance portion excludes videoclips, voice-overs and musical performances used as background.

      Category 8b) Music video clips

      Short film or videotape productions of concert excerpts (clips) not produced primarily for the particular program in which they are presented, which normally contain one musical selection with visual material.

      Category 8c) Music video programs

      Programs consisting primarily (i.e. more than 50%) of music videos and in some cases including a host and other programming elements.

    2. Canadian Content (as defined by the CRTC)

      At least two of the audio components:

      “M” – music is composed by a Canadian
      “A” – artist (principle performer) is a Canadian
      “P” – performance/production is in Canada
      “L” – lyrics are written by a Canadian

      At least one of the production components:

      Video director or production company is Canadian
      Video production facilities are located in Canada

      If a Web-based project the developer/designer must be a Canadian owned company, citizen (or landed immigrant).

    3. Broadcast Standards

      Content must meet the CRTC’s broadcast standards for controversial content as administered by the Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council (CBSC).

    4. New Production

      The objective of MuchFACT is to stimulate the production of new projects, not to replace funds already allocated towards production. Completed projects will not be considered for funding.

    5. Closed-Captioning

      All MuchFACT supported projects must be closed-captioned for deaf, deafened or hard-of-hearing individuals.

    6. Completion of Outstanding Projects

      Artists with outstanding (incomplete) projects are not eligible to apply for new project funding (in the same award category) until the outstanding project has been delivered to MuchFACT, Much/M3.

    7. Non-Eligible Genres

      French-language music, Classical, Jazz, Country, Children’s music, World music

Please note that MuchFACT is funded entirely by Much and M3 and is no longer funded by MusiquePlus. As Much and M3 are English-language television stations, French-language music projects are no longer eligible for funding. French-language projects should be submitted to MaxFACT, administered by Les Funds Harold Greenberg.

Eligible Expenses

Only costs directly related to the production of the approved project are eligible. This does not include the cost of recording the musical sound track. MuchFACT does not include as eligible costs any of the following: sound recording costs, management, legal or accounting fees, travel or accommodation (except to-and-from location), duplication costs. MuchFACT reserves the right to verify budget expenses prior to advancing the funds.

Maximum Award Amount

Digital Tools - pays to a maximum of $5,000.00
Online Music Video/Project - pays to a maximum of $10,000.00
Music Video - pays to a maximum of $30,000.00
Content Package - pays to a maximum of $50,000.00

7 Business-Day Option to Premiere

As Much and/or M3 hope to support funded projects, a 7 business-day window is allowed to premiere the content. If an alternate premiere more fitting to the applicant’s audience is available before this 7 business-day window has expired it must be approved in advance by Gregg Stewart (MuchFACT/Associate Director of Music Marketing at Much) –

Submission Guidelines
  • Only one application per performer will be eligible for review at each committee meeting and you may not submit the same song more than once (including remixes) for the same award.
  • It is required that each applicant upload one song to be considered (MP3), one (or more) professional photo of the artist (JPEG), a biography of the artist (PDF), song lyrics (please note if your song is instrumental) (PDF), press/publicity (PDF), a marketing synopsis (for Online Music Video/Project applications) (PDF), and a full marketing plan (for Music Video, Content Package applications) (PDF).
  • Committee decisions are made available four to five weeks after the submission deadline on our website ( You will be notified by email if your application is selected. Please note that MuchFACT does not offer feedback or critiques of applications that are not selected.

Please note MuchFACT, it’s judging committees, employees, agents and representatives assume no liability for loss or damage to the submitted materials. All risks associated with uploading materials are expressly assumed by the applicant.